Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ever Lovely Jordan

Jordan keeps coming back for the work. Her fall school schedule is in Minneapolis, so we'll enjoy her temporary visits.
I stopped at Hobby lobby this evening for button kit to repair my new used dress with fabric covered buttons. Stretched past my financial comfort zone and bought new colored pastel paper for drawing. Didn't use the new paper as I also wanted to try out a few new watercolor pencils. These lovely renditions of Jordan are subject to water and paint brush when I get the nerve. I'll share what happens then!


Uta said...

Looks like a whole lot of work went on while I was off line. Some really lovely drawings and prints here. I've absolutely fallen in love with the top drawing in Monday 21st post.

Laura said...

Looking great!

Bob said...

Your drawings of Jordan have become my favorite... I'm glad she's become a regular on Tuesday nights.

And to Uta, I have to agree with you on the top drawing in Monday 21st post. I am an unabashed Doris fan and enjoy all her work, but this drawing really grabs me.

On a modeling note, I may have to slip that pose into my options for seated poses.


Doris said...

Hopefully Bob, that pose will be there when we meet again. Thanks for the moral support!
Of course Uta... if it so pleases we could trade something?

april said...

I know you are going to love putting water to that pencil!