Thursday, July 8, 2010

Zoo Holiday

Had a wonderful holiday at the zoo. How many days off do I get? Very few, so it was great to join Laura with free day at zoo. The crowds came out. We had hoped to get some sketch time in, but another day, another trip. I took a bunch of pictures for reference and most were too dark to see at all. More learning to do. Since I grew up with zoo trips on those free days, and took my own kids on those free days too, I was surprised by the amount of fathers with their families. Just not what you see on Tuesday or Thursday. But enjoyed the new wolf, bear and bison exhibits. We saw the morning dolphin show and those fantastic shots were dark too. All the children playing in the fountains and new misters was very warming too... also noticed those afternoon hours when the kiddos were exhausted and harder to manage. Did I go to people watch?

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Elena said...

Glad you found time for an outing. You should be able to find the camera manual online to help w/ the dark shots. And it sounds like you were enjoying all the animal life.