Monday, February 7, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

Fortunately the neighbors arrived with an endloader to dig out my drive, it took twelve hours of digging to open up my sidewalk. Every part of my body was exhausted. I've been rather bitter about the lack of understanding from those who don't get 5 foot drifts across their walk and drive. If the good neighbor hadn't been so kind as to dig me out I still would not be able to get out the drive. All those plows working twenty hour shifts and I heard so many complaints rather than compassion as they fatigue themselves to help others. Saturday I went back out to dig out another five foot deep section to keep my garbage cans, a pass to my woodpile and unearthed part of the firewood in the event that I might need heat. Birds are fed, passage to the backyard for the dogs opened up. Where there is six foot fence there is six foot drifts. And then go to work too?

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