Thursday, March 15, 2012

Down to the River

Slanked down to the river at lunchtime. There were scads of people today. Fishermen and walkers and playground attendees. Have to take advantage of the beautiful weather. The river is very high leaving very little shoreline left to walk. Stopped down by the dam to listen and feel the surge of the water, and oh yep, smell it too. This trip I was just taking photos, although I snagged a tennis ball to please the pups again. Poked that there snapper with a stick, not enough to upset him, just enough to see if he was alive. He was really well hidden among the dried grasses and leaves. If he was just a lifeless shell, he would have had to gone home with me. I felt fortunate that I hadn't just walked by.


Laura said...

is that a snapping turtle.. ?

and love to see the water..I can almost hear it

april said...

Love hearing again about you lunchtime walks. Love that turtle! River looks so refreshing.