Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cherry Tree

One of the ideas generated in my spring thinking had always been to stop and draw the cherry tree. For 22 years. The tree has been through many storms and most of tree has come down but it still graces my yard with a spring shower of blossom. After lawn labors yesterday, I dragged a chair out and set for a few minutes with my sketchbook. As temps were not of sitting weather, I grabbed a branch and took it back inside with me. The nice neighbors were watching me, so I shared a carrot with them before heading in.


Laura said...

Makes you forget about the stuggles don't wonderful to see this on you blog today. well done lady.

april said...

Your sketch is wonderful! A fun experience - do it more often! Love your neighbors!

Elena said...

Awesome that you took the time to sketch. Bravo! And if I knew your neighbors were horses I would have stayed to play with the dogs.