Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend In Waupaca,WI

Had a wonderful trip up to visit cousins I hadn't seen in many years. Left Saturday morning in carpool with brother in law Bob driving, sisters Debbie and Darlene and Mom. Stopped for lunch, skipped some great scenery photo ops as I needed to be certain I had full disc for the celebration. Hadn't seen Ed and Fran's children, cousins Ed, Fred, Ted and Frannie since I was a small child. Met Frannie for the first time at Aunt Lorraine's 50Th Anniversary Party a few years back. She hadn't even been born the last time I was at the dairy farm. With all the weekend rain, we didn't side trip to visit local relatives at home, but the scenery in the gray skies was phenomenal. Hopefully not so many years pass before I travel that way again. Much of my heart and soul reside in the rolling hills of sand and rock and pine.


april said...

Sounds like a memorable trip. So nice.

Elena said...

So glad you made time for this trip. And your works and words and even the gifts that are showing up at your door seem to reflect the positive internal growth you've been reflecting this year.