Monday, August 30, 2010

Aurora's First Alley Art Festival

In between other running last Saturday, I made it down to the very First Alley Art festival off Water Street in downtown Aurora. My son's girlfriend has been busy with her "Hoopatomic" business, making hula hoops and practicing her craft to demonstrate. Meghan is in hula garb in two of the photos and RC my older son in the other. It was so great to experience very youthful art and performance, so very creative and fresh. There was a great feeling of union between all the different young artists putting themselves out there. I'm afraid quite so often seasoned adults stick to themselves bound up by their personal stigmas and become unapproachable. I wish I had more time there, the ska band just starting up before I left was absolutely wonderful. I had a chance to see a Nido Threads exhibit and Maureen Gasek's abstracts. Was hoping to introduce myself to Lisa Gloria, but she seemed to have pulled out early. I'm teeming with pride as Meghan approached her first sucessful showing with assistance from my wonderful son. They're a great blend of people.


Anonymous said...

Looks like such a vibrant and happy event! Wish I could have been there too!

Laura said...

Smiles for all, good to seem then, I hope they stop by this weekend the both of them I would love to meet Meghan and see RC again.

april said...

Looks like so much fun was had by all! What a great idea Meghan has and so colorful!