Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oswego Art Fair

Kendall Art Guild Tent. My abstract acrylic on front left top.

Beverly came out to visit. It was so wonderful to have company.

Me. Photos complements of Walter Lesus, newest Kendall Art Guild member, fellow artist.
It was a great artful weekend. Saturday I hadn't made it to the show, but my work was dropped off, ready to hang. Sunday was a great day of discovery as cousin Laura Lein-Svencner kidnapped me and took me out to see Water St. Studios in Batavia, then off to Artesmia, shop and gallery in Geneva. I sucked in more sights than I could swallow. Then mandatory volunteer time at Oswego Art Faire, spent time visiting with fellow artists, and visitors from far off Frankfort. It was a wonderful full day off labors. Thanks all!


Uta said...

Kidnap me, kidnap me!!!!!!!!!!!

april said...

Nice photos or you and Bev! Love the recap of your day!

Laura said...

wish I could Uta..great to see the art and fair and your looking Lovely my dear!

Anonymous said...

Glad to read about your lovely weekend Doris, nice to see your work on show too at the art fair. :) xx

butterfly woman said...

Hm, now that's really a close-up of me. Usually I'm so busy taking photos myself..... Didn't even notice the photo being taken, oh yes, Walter. Now I remember. That photo of you looks worthy of a sketch!
Glad you had such a fun chock-filled day. I of course liked your house best of all.

Elena said...

Was thrilled to hear Bev got to visit. Loved your work and hope you continue making smiles.