Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tonight with Jordan

Jordan did wonderful poses this evening. Many regulars enjoyed getting together to wish Patrick well in his travels. He'd been drawing with us for the past 9 months and his presence will be greatly missed. It had been overdue to leave the world behind and fall deeply into the creative zone for a couple hours.


Laura said...

Hey there girl, I can see that it was late when you posted these images and it's been a while since you shared on you blog. which I totally understand the situation. I miss see you work and looked this morning and see you wonderful pieces. Well done!
Love the middle pose but all the piece are great!

Bob said...

I too was going through Doris withdrawls. It's good to see your work again and more of the lovely Jordan.

Doris said...

I'll try to catch up, been underwater too long.

Bob said...

Take up scuba then. ;)