Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Sylvia had some great poses. I was anxious and overdue to slip into the zone and fell in fast with rapid strokes and expressive colors. Had some new youngsters from Nequa Valley with wonderful talents working alongside the regulars tonight. Freshness. Ellen brought music tonight, also refreshing. Chris brought some fresh tomatoes. My first garden tomatoes of the year, inhaled deeply. A needed break from the anxiety that bests me currently.


Uta said...

Looking good Doris. Will have life drawing in my studio as soon as the shed is all cleaned out. Julia has a list of people ready to draw and share cost of model.

Laura said...

Oh now that sounds so great Uta and I'm loving this pieces. I'm thinking from the hip Doris or out side the box. These piece are how big? I'm wondering if some good wide mats and larger frames are in order for these there is a show coming up in Octber at Karen Solem gallery in Elmhurst for Breast Cancer awareness that the works would look great. And I'm sure you seen on Heron emails coming that he's doing watercolor nudes. Again the way these piece need to be present to make them different is something to think about, I know it's more expense but why not stand out a bit if you can... just a thought. glad you went and got in the zone quickly.

Doris said...

I believe I was working on 11X14 bristol paper last night. I had recalled that show, do you know when the entry deadline is?
Good to hear the life group started up in your new studio Uta! Might influence your subject matter?

Bob said...

Resonance of Doris makes my Wednesdays a little bit brighter. I'm always interested to see what you created the night before.

As always, beautiful work Doris. Your attention to, and the capturing of details has never been better.