Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last day of Annual Art Show

Did a sketch of Nancy Cole today. Another hard one as she didn't pose and was working and moving around. Hope my moving models don't hate my pieces! Nancy's exhuberence was a joy to spend three days with, well she worked Saturday, so two days with. Her lovely daughter manned her jewelry exhibit Saturday when foot traffic was extremely slow. Three days, three new pairs of earrings. Gotta love it! More good friends came out today and the weather was delightful for setting around and visiting and sharing. It was a very enjoyable weekend holiday even without any sales of my own. It's beenfar too long since I've had time for art and a little bit makes you crave even more. As work shifts may slow down a bit this month,I hope to make time to follow all the inspirations heading my direction.


Anonymous said...

Hoping you have more time for art, Doris. Glad you had such a good and productive time at the Driveway Show.

april said...

Your drawings are wonderful, Doris. All of them and so memorable of this weekend. So good to see you. It was a great show!