Thursday, September 16, 2010

RC's 25th Birthday!

My son is 25, how is it possible that I am 29? I must be 39! Damn Alzheiners. Mom, Rachel and Loyal, Randell, RC and Meghan all came for dinner at Danelli's while I worked. I sat a bit with them, but most of all enjoyed their laughter and camraderie. They are beautiful. I have done well.


Laura said...

tears of joy for you and yes you have done well~

Anonymous said...

What a great celebration, glad for you Doris x

Elena said...

Yep, you did mighty well...and you are 29...he must still be 15.

april said...

They "catch up" to us, dont' they? That's what I always think! Impossible!

What a fun-looking place! And what a happy party!

butterfly woman said...

neat place you work in Doris, fun to see your whole family celebrating. Yes, you've done well with the brood.
Love that purple crocheted hat, by the way.
Tell RC happy birthday from Frank and I.