Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quick Sketches of Gerry

Holiday Party! Rushing through the evening to capture Gerry's poses. I was eating at the same time and that doesn't work so well while the timer is ticking. I went off my vegan diet plan to try the different dishes the group worked at bringing to the Thanksgiving gathering. There were chicken wings and sausage and kraut, moussaka, pumpkin pie, tira misu, apples and caramel, pretzels and mustard, carrots, deviled eggs, and apple carrot muffins. Quite the spread. Many new faces and much warmth to see the old ones. Somehow I was the only one who brought tunes, so we enjoyed Enya, Mellencamp, Van Morrison and the Nat King Cole Trio. A little for everyone.


Laura said...

Good to see you made it again.. and like the colored papers and the thing the last post the image isn't coming could be my end or you might try to repost the image... just thought I'd let you know..

Doris said...

So odd, when I click on the space both images show up overlapped. I imagine reposting will fix it.

april said...

Ah-ha! Here they are. So, Laura had trouble too. Excellent, Doris! And your party sounds delicious!