Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Soft Pastels and Ashley

Finally back to home. Out for Tuesday night drawing with dearest friends and started off slow with gestures I was not excited about, but got into the groove with soft pastels and wonderful jazz and Ashley's beautiful poses. Life.


Laura said...

Oh much need for the soul lady..was good to see the pastels this morning on the blog...as the cowgirl would say Back in the saddle again...good for you..and now listen up these might be nice ones for possible submission to The Flying Pig...just an idea...I think it was now till April that you can send in submission... something to think about.. just love the colors.

Laura said...

and a added note..I like the both but the top one has a freshness all it's own and speaks differently to me...and in a wonderful way too.

butterfly woman said...

So enjoyed sitting next to you, Doris and being surrounded by such creative energy as well.
Love her expression and love your style! How you do proportions is very unique and all your own!
Perhaps someday a return trip will be on the agenda and the one minute poses will become easier for me!

april said...

Just beautiful, Doris. Very soft beautiful colors and lines.