Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some time to draw

First time I've drawn new model Laura, she's fantastic and holds some really great poses without complaint. It's been a very long day, starting with lack of sleep last night as anxiety crept in as how I would pull the day off. Needed to get out on lunchbreak to fix car headlamp, and schedule with teaching this afternoon, crammed up everything very tight. Stopped at Michael's on way out for markers for my friends at Hesed House. Using those 40% coupons to the max! Worried about the predicted snow, worried about being everywhere I needed to be. So tired now, seems it's all on order, survived without effort. Survived without sufficient sleep.


Laura said...

Here you lady... know that your higher power in your life does care for you and to turn the worries over...Your passion to form the art tribe at Hesed house is strong and I do hope you have the strenght to care that service work out...wonderful to see the work posted too. Remember to ask for help now and then as you give so freely there are others that can give back to you...at lest the small stuff.

april said...

A full day for sure! Hope this weekend brings a little relaxing time. Wonderful drawings. The top one just flows.