Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good Morning!

Change in solar axis puts the morning sun further north my windows and rises over the neighboring farm. Is that a rooster I hear?


Bob said...

Very nice picture. Makes me want to have a big breakfast.

Were you waiting for sunrise or just happen to catch it?

Doris said...

Thanks Bob...a little blurry but colors are there.
Took this pix a couple weeks back, I get up before the sun.

butterfly woman said...

Very nice sunset picture. Interesting the line that is above and below the sun. Kind of mysterious and mystical. Wish I had a window to look out of like that. Yep, bet that rooster gets you risin and shinin early.
Glad there's still farmland like this to take photos of. Urban sprawl is too prominent.

april said...

I can sure hear the rooster too! Beautiful shot!