Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Patti Tonight

Not sure what was in the air tonight, but no-one seemed to want to do a long pose but me! Short poses from this evening. Patti is such a trooper! Modeled with a broken foot! Most swellimg down and purple subsided. She's such a wonderful lady!


Bob said...

I've been in some sessions like that. get my mind wrapped around a few nice poses for long duration and the artists wanted shorter ones.

I like the middle one here. Your faces really catch a lot of expression.

Doris said...

Thanks Bob,
I used to concentrate on facial details but sorely lacking those bifocals and compromising. Glasses still on my wish list.

butterfly woman said...

Nice drawings Doris.
I like the second portrait as well. Leaving out those facial details allows the viewer to fill them in as they wish. Love your compromising!
The bottom sketch is neat too. She glows against that beautiful backdrop.Awesome contrast. Love how leg trails off and the form is exquisite, as are cross hatching strokes. One of my favs....To sum up, your work dazzling!

Doris said...

Thanks Bev!