Thursday, May 6, 2010

Abstract Acrylics/Squid Totem

Hmmmm.... Suggested I look into the squid after deciding current piece not shown here appears to me a squid. Not much decidedly on squid...
but it does stem down to the octopus family which relates to intelligence and camouflage. "People with squid totem have the ability to read the moods of others. They can read body language of those around them. Squid uses light, color and form to communicate and their totem people have his ability also. Squid people usually blush easily."
Oh and "house keeping is not a strong point with octopus totem people."
OK. You're not seeing here the images that dealt me a squid... or did you?
As I look back at previous session's work, does not the blue and gold consider the outcome of many moons?
The ancient creatures have a wealth of knowledge to share.
Keep hidden your desire until it is within your grasp. Nocturnal totems. More productive at night?
Oh, and octopus people usually have good memories. Depends on whether or not they get enough sleep? So... back to the blue and gold piece? Is is not very fluid like the squid's home?

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butterfly woman said...

Ah you teased me on other blog, so I am rewarded here with squid! So cool to see you doing collage. You are so darn multi-talented. I love the colors, my personal favorites and I do see the squid. He has a VanGogh feel about him/her, full of energy ready to explore the world.LOVE the dashes of white all around. Enjoy again more personal meaning of the squid. Seems like a great totem to embrace!
I feel alot of fun coming from these pieces.