Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life Tonight with Patti

I actually had done the lower color pencil piece first, but Patti's poses and bits of clothing sparked quite a bit of interest. Top it off with Gaylord's recordings by Ella Fitzgerald, that brought on images of back up singers/dancers and some finger snapping. Oh, at least in artist mind. Image up top in pastel.
Color Pencil


Elena said...

They get better each time. Love the richness of the first one and you captured the foreshortening quite well in the 2nd.

Laura said...

I had wanted to comment yesterday but blogger was not cooperating... I wanted to say that the work posted here is really alive and in the moment. Lets say you were in the moment and some great poses and yes agree with Elena Rich...love the colored pencil one the best..and it's the pose, I've not seen one like that out of you selection here. good job lady.

april said...

Beautiful! Really love the colored pencil one. The stockings were a great idea! And the necklace. Adds so much.