Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cinco de Mayo and Felicia

Half hour color pencil sketch. Felcia is a wonderful model with great juxtaposition in her poses. I lost her face here, it is so intriguing and I moved past repair. I really was in a hurry to capture everything I saw, but could not reduce the overage in her delicate features.

Soft pastels. Requested the foreshortened view and found the angles intriguing. A little more time spent here, but drawing time was cut short by celebratory festivities. What won't we think of to celebrate? Quite a large group tonight, many new faces. Seem to be from Water Street Studios? Need an opportunity to get over there and experience it. Welcomed back old ones, me too as it has been a month since attending. Plan on next week and the week after that, and most likely the week after that. So very good to experiment and stretch oneself past comfort zones and here is where I free myself to do that. The festivities and sharing of food and drink also make for a great evening. Soundtrack from Frida went over well, but most of the other tracks be they guitar, tango or polka became monotonous and necessary to change. Fortunately, there were plenty of cd's to choose from.


Laura said...

Your where you should be lady..so happy for you that your sneaking in these moments of raw creating.. As we pug along we find our happiness. See you tonight

Elena said...

Half hour sketch?! Beautiful. You have a way of capturing the beauty of the human body. Oh and yep, I like Water Street Studios.

Bob said...

Both of them are very nice pieces. I've been remiss in checking out your blog.. looks like I'll have to scroll back.

I had an invite to model at Water Street (I think it was there.. some place in Aurora nyway) but I couldn't make it.

Keep up the good work lady!

april said...

You are getting better and better. These are just lovely.