Saturday, January 4, 2014


I hadn't seen him in about six months although I saw some tracks in the snow near my garbage cans a couple weeks back. I've been feeding him on and off for almost three years. Last year he showed with battle scars across his nose and also cut his nose trying to escape the trap. Still a handsome dude though. Thankfully on Monday he showed asking for food and I set a can in a trap. Minutes later his new life began. Neutered and vaccinated and no longer fending for himself in the bitter weather. He's not sure that he likes being in my house yet, still segregated from my other cats although I suspect Hobo has faced him at the screen door. They've encountered each other outdoors as Hobo sneaks out with the dogs. The long hoped for project of capture completed, the new project of becoming part of the family pack begun. A promising start for the New Year.


Laura said...

All the letting of last year's space takers has left room for this years welcome friends. Good News for both even though he may not know it yet. Trust has been building between you...good sign.

april said...

Oh! He's beautiful. You are so kind, Doris. He'll be fine, I know...he knew where to come. My friend, Suz, had a feral cat coming for years and years to her house. She cooked chicken for him and had a heated "igloo" on her deck for him. She called him "Handsome".