Monday, January 13, 2014


Faith 1)unquestionable belief specific in God, religion, etc. 2)a particular religion 3)complete trust or confidence 4)loyalty
I jumped on Michaela Christallo's "For the Creators" blog's Creativity Challenge 2014. Today's challenge was to set your one word intention for the year. I believe I was guided to "Faith." The pillow I had found on side of road during one of my lunchtime walks in September, took it home, washed it and stitched it up. It's message purposeful. My daughter painted the "Faith" sign for me for Christmas. I had it up above my kitchen cabinets with my chicken collection, but when the challenge arrived, I gave it prominent position on the mantle. Just changed out Christmas decorations yesterday and chose old reproduction of Edward Hick's "Peaceable Kingdom." It all seems to be flowing in place, just spread out the pieces below to accommodate "Faith" and achieved today's challenge with a photograph.


Laura said...

Well now some new motivations happening around exciting.

april said...

Nice! Have to look up that Challenge.