Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I bought a green pineapple when on sale before Christmas, forgetting that I bought an FFA tropical fruit bushel from my niece. So I have enjoyed two fresh pineapples this month, but after drawing the pomegranate I felt compelled to draw the second pineapple. Rather difficult to concentrate on, much like drawing a pine cone, really have to get into the pattern and adjust for size of cylinder. Why did I get myself into this? Anyway worked until I felt marker page was done. After slicing I threw the waste out by bird feeder, can't say that any of the wild ones will try it, but with no water in sight they may go for it. Tossed my stems from turnip greens there last night. Doesn't appear they touched that either. Never know. Many footprints nearby in the snow. Camera battery refused to work in the cold. Maybe tomorrow.

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april said...

That is beautiful, Doris! Beautiful drawing! What a challenge, yes like a pinecone.