Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thoughts about 2014

Happy New year to all! Had a couple new marker sketches to share but thought the totem back from Dillman's Bay Resort in Lac du Flambeau may represent influences, commitments and intentions for the New Year. Where the eagles and loons and crayfish shared witness to the past and provide some direction for the future. The springtime photo has been my screensaver for some time now and leaves me with peaceful remembrances of plein air sketching. The flow of water very important and nature coming into its glory. Peace to all this New Year!


april said...

very very nice! love the plein air pieces; you can always just remember exactly where you were...brings the day back!

JGG said...

I hope you are successful in your 2014 commitments and intentions! I hope we all are!

Laura said...

Loving the progress with the markers and the white faced one of you neighbor there....he/she have a name?