Monday, November 9, 2009

Solo Classical Guitar Concert

So many little issues with computer. Still not cropping, had a hard enough locating these photos after scanning them. I had looked forward to this afternoon concert and was not at all disappointed. (Well... I didn't get time in the weekends sun and warmth with too much blocked out in my weekend schedule.)I am so very tired from constant commitment week after week after week after week. Having had my vacation time in the hospital last February...which was the last time I had two days without at least two jobs. So as the concert started out with early classical, I had a hard time not falling into major relaxed mode. It was an hour of sheer listening bliss, for free, 15 minutes from home. I am grateful the faculty of the Fox River Academy of Music and Art arranged this program to introduce new faculty to aspiring students and welcomed the public. Thank You!
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Laura said...

So happy for you that you were able to experience it all.

Bob said...

I'm glad you found some time to relax. :)

butterfly woman said...

Music soothes the soul. Hope it refreshed and healed you. I've been watching DVDs and reading books lately about musical people (The Soloist, Lang Lang, etc). Think there's a longing to reconnect with my musical passion that lays latent, but waiting for me to access it. Thanks for helping me remember.