Monday, November 16, 2009


Mom took us to a show Sunday. Another local event, for me anyway. Couple sisters and sister in laws came in from Naperville for a dinner and show. It was a wonderful production, with a great group of local ladies who did fabulously in song and dance. It would be very nice to get out to more events, filling that inspirational well. Hardly had a moment to talk with my sisters as there was some distance and lots of chatter during intermission. Afterwards got caught us in short reminiscing with Sister Mary Leo, a great partner in the art appreciation programs of Yorkville school district I had chaired. Got out to cars and my family hadn't missed me a bit. Hmmm. Darlene brought us all Thanksgiving bouquets and they were wondering where the extra flowers came from. It was a good day followed up with a nice visit to cousin Laura to pick up mat board she purchased for me. Some herbal tea and sketchbook chat. Like I took a day off!


Laura said...

Hi there lady,

I was a bit under the weather still but did really enjoy the visit. And so happy you were able to sneak in this wonderful day off!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had some well deserved fun! Sounds like a lovely time :D

Suz said...

That is a wonderful funny play.
I hope your well got topped off
you deserve more days like this one
blessings Doris

Elena said...

Good for you! You truly deserve the time off and good laughs.

butterfly woman said...

Great artist day from start to finish! Hope filling the well produces some new creative inspirations.

All is well, sounds like! Reminiscing can spark new visions too, you know!