Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chroma Interactive Acrylics

Ronnie brought her acrylic samples and brushes and paper to play with to figure drawing tonight. Smooth beginning, not sure if I'll head back into completing. Brought home a palette, stored in the fridge. Timely application? Group all trying new media and didn't want to continue this pose, but start over. My second one is blech!

And my dearest friend Adrian painted me a gift rather than the model. I saw that he was furiously busy across the room rather than at my side. I was so surprised at his gift. It will come in very handy come those bleak February days. Thank you Adrian!


Laura said...

I see a little collage papers and some pastels worked into this one and you can have a multi mixed media piece. and what a nice gift from Adrian

butterfly woman said...

I love you pushing the creative envelope with acrylics. You use them in such a nice smooth manner, yet the darks and lights form an exquisite composition. I hope to see you experimenting more with this medium!

That painting Adrian did is exquisite. How amazing one can complete a drawing or landscape in such a short period of time. I think creative gifts are so heartfelt!