Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I found it!

Well, I had intended to drop off my work at Black Iris Gallery in Sandwich but a little girl's Grandmother was a half hour late picking her up in the class I substituted today. Hopefully I can swing it tomorrow. It's quite frustrating when drop off hours are only during working hours. Some artists have to support themselves and children at regular jobs. I was able to get down and print up the beginnings of editions of my series. I will have to remember that I must wear clothes to get inked rather than clothes to teach!
Im watching for the winter wonderland that other's are reporting but I didn't get four inches snow, but snow mixed with rain and walks are icy yet. Tomorrow is expected to bring more of the same. I'd intended to get weights in the back of my top heavy vehicle, we'll see how the morning progresses. Another day, another class and hopefully a run to the gallery before evening shift at clinic.


Laura said...

There you go girl, scouting out the galleries and getting out there.. Hard work I know but your one step futher then yesterday right?? good for you.


butterfly woman said...

When you said you found it, I thought you meant your lens for your glasses. He, he. Anyway, are you going to be at the reception at NAL?What time? Do you and Laura have some pieces there?
I notice you seem more confident in getting your art out there!It seems those first steps are the hardest.
P.S. I love that NAL winter invite scene! Wonderful painting style with palette knives?

Doris said...

The painting stretched a bit in my scanner...but I waste far too much time on computer when I should be drawing or searching for that missing lens! I'm considering helping on Sunday as I'd like to see the show up. Last time I went to their Christmas show my children were toddlers and were photographed in front of Christmas castle for news advertisement for the show!

Laura said...

You should go if you get a change lady, I have the MCS xmas party and the reception of one of our members with her show in Lombard at the chiropactitors school. Need to be present if possible to speak for the work and if your showing your prints you've made all the more, Printing is making a come back, I see it comeing and your right we're you need to be. You know art mediums make their rounds and printing is on the verge again of making great statements. but then again who do I think I am... duh..
Wish you luck, one of your biggest supporters!!