Saturday, December 6, 2008


Winter's not even here and I'm tired of it! The frigid temps and icy roads are rather uncomfortable. We've been through odd temperature changes and this current chill is unsettling. We could be here for three-four months since it isn't officially winter yet! Tonight there are tractors out taking down corn for silage. It was odd to see them out warming up with lights across the fields. Now they're nearly in my back yard! My rescue supply of dog food came through today and we're set for a couple months. Big sighs of relief as I had to buy last weeks 4o pounds. Not sure how I was going to swing feeding the pack without aid. How do you release misfits back into a system that condemned them? The food took up most of my day as I had some total rearranging to fit 540# food in an overcrowded basement. Besides unloading the car to the living area then 30 trips downstairs to the basement. I had about three bags left, when my legs began arguing about stairs. But it is done, I got a great workout, and made progress on cleaning the basement...which is where I print and mat and frame! And of course colonise my rescue cats!I am cold yet now...the heat is not rising as quick as my body temp needs it to. I'll probably need to start dropping the temp less while I'm gone...unless of course a warm up is going to return. So my day off, or I should say my day of just one evening job was eventful, exhausting, and even encouraging. Hope tomorrow brings good.


Uta said...

I'm sure a little of our sweltering summer would make you dream of the cold. Sending you a big hug of love to keep you warm Doris. (((((hug)))))

Doris said...

Thanks Uta!

april said...

You write so well, Doris. You write like an Edna Ferber novel or something. I just love to read it. You pay attention to the smallest details and your writing is so visual.