Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Wonderland

I was snowed out again. Tuesday evening and plans were for life drawing. I felt fortunate to make it home safe. This morning I saw a car wrapped around a telephone pole. It must have been overnight as a Com Ed truck was parked behind it. Do I want to know it's story? Not sure I can handle it right now. So awful are the roads and so unsafe for travel. I got off at 3:00PM, an hour after the snow began to fall and it appeared that many, many others got off early today. The roads were full of cars, and the ride home was harried. Once home, I could begin to enjoy the snow and did a little shoveling. Not much as most likely drifting will cover whatever I remove. The dogs enjoyed the snow. It was not like last weeks ice storm. It glittered. It was cleansing. I had emergency furnace repair on Saturday and new part installed on Monday afternoon, loads of gratitude as the part and service were written up under warranty. Seems just in time, propane tank filled and repair before storms. Tonight I matted a group of my Christmas prints. It was a good thing, to spend some time with my art. My finger is not healing as quickly as I'd like and many different projects have made me wince. It is numb while I type. I'm working hard to keep myself out of general winter depression and am so looking forward to the upcoming solstice and lengthening of days! I don't mind cold as much as darkness.


Laura said...

Good to hear your spirit.

Uta said...

What a wonderful picture. I see these lovely snow filled images and am unaware of their perils. Stay save and warm Doris.

april said...

I too look forward to the longer days coming, but look at that beautiful photograph!