Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life.

Finally weather held up and gave me an outing to draw! Bob is a great model and I look forward to future sessions. After three Tuesday nights cancelled because of dangerous roads...the glistening of flurries as we left this evening were still welcome. Added to the atmosphere. Enjoyed parking in front of the dam and seeing the rushing river, listening to it's powerful roar. The were sheets of ice breaking up and crashing below. Could have spent time right there, there was much to breath in. I'm overdue for a trip to the river. But a visit to David Hettinger's studio was in store and a glimpse into the working habits of a great artist were upon me. The flight of stairs to his studio raced my heart and breath...I do remember a time when I could race up and down stairs laughing...where did they go? Might I find them again? I was disappointed that the few artists I had invited could not make it out this evening, but with space constraints it may have been nicer with just the three of us anyway. Adds another plus for me since my large group conversation skills seriously lack...unless of course I am leading discussions. I felt as if I were back in my heart again, where time didn't exist. I was drawing...with light conversation and companionship and welcomed the return. Why don't I do that more often?


Bob said...

Wow you got those posted fast after the session! And thank you for the kind words about my modeling ability.

Once outside, I was captured by the snow in the lights mounted on the bridge and focused towards the dam. I could have stayed there a while and watched, kicking myself all the time I did not have my camera with me.


Laura said...

You will you have a taste of it again and it fills you so,

Uta said...

Wow fabulous drawings. Your best so far!!! Nice to see Bob after reading his comments on your blog.

Happy New Year my dear friend :). Keep drawing and stay happy.