Tuesday, December 9, 2008


New pictures would be nice! I am saddened that winter has arrived early...there will be a lot of snow before spring, and drifting and shoveling. Canceled evening plans to draw, should have worked on comission while home but putzed through some more decluttering. Keep on hoping I'll find my lens. Guess it's the needle in the haystack and when the haystick is gone, there it will be. Had a busy day with projects at work, all day hoped an evening of drawing would be in he plans, but then an evening of reading would be nice also. Several books I've been setting on for awhile while trying to keep up with tribes journey through some great inspiration. Maybe I'll get some snow pictures. Best get off to bed to rise and shovel my way out!


Bob said...

Last night was a good night for reading. I turned down the furnace and camped out on the couch in a comfy robe. A half bottle of wine and a book I've been promising myself I'd finish, were my evening's companions while I watched the snow fall.

All in all a restful evening at la casa Bob

Doris said...

A peaceful snow storm it was!

butterfly woman said...

Hi Doris,
Yes winter can deter our plans. I was hoping to see some new life drawings this week. Something I look forward to when I check in here. But it's also a good hibernation time of year. Sounds like you stay connected with your creative spirit, if only in thought and soul, nevertheless.
P.S. Hope you find your lens, perhaps when snow melts.