Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Google image enhanced.
Tried uploading this image half a year past unsucessfully. Tonight it was achieved. What was I thinking when I downloaded this picture? A horse of a different color? Maybe things aren't as they appear? Or was it back when I looked for meaning of a zebra toy discarded roadside? In any event, the individuals although similar in appearance would have different spirits and attitudes. We often hear, "act as if," as if things were as we would like them, as if lifes meaning were just around the next bend, as if peace were possible in our lifetime? I do wish for peace for all this new year, 2009. Not someday...but this year. Happy New Year!


april said...

Beautiful photo. And much more interesting too, now that you've given us something to think about!

butterfly woman said...

They certainly aren't camera shy. Isn't it interesting how we wonder why we are captivated by an image more so at one time than at another. I love your musings about the photo though. Writings inspired by images and vise versa. All good for growth!
Happy New Year back at you!!