Friday, September 25, 2009

Captain the Cat

I was astounded Wednesday evening to walk outside and see Captain looking down at me from the ole mulberry tree. Earlier in the evening he climbed into the hollow of the tree and I called him out as I heard something growling. Maybe a possum? They ignorantly venture inside my fence line. But I feared that he would fall and break a leg. Surely he doesn't have the spine of a cat that can turn to right itself in a fall. I talked him down and went into the house, only to find he climbed back up! The second time I talked him to a low branch where I could reach him and lift him down. I did want him to be frightened and not continue this newly learned trick. Serendipitously I read about a Kai Ken, a Japanese hunting dog that climbs trees to get at prey the following day. He's like having a toddler again! I'd never have guessed in all my days, I'd see a dog in a tree.


Uta said...

That's one amazing and individual dog! I do love a good Captain story hehehe.

Laura said...

Oh those toddler years, you luck soul you!

april said...

Good grief! "The Adventures of Captain".