Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gerry Tonight

Well, I hope everyone recognizes that I'm playing outside my field and challenging myself with my new oil pastels. How far can you go before you've maxed out the paper? I was coming pretty close... layers upon layers. The building up of colors happens much more quickly than with pencil and I was hoping to not create mud. My shorter poses seem a bit more sucessful than the longer pose and I'm pretty certain I need to follow that less is more rule. But I'm moving along with my studies. I was running late to group, running errands dropped me behind and somehow there was no music before I walked in late. Visits with good people. Some back from Europe, some on their way to Seattle, several students whom I recognized from previous weeks but haven't picked up heir names yet. Chatting late with Ronnie, David and Gerry. All is well. Looking forward to next week.


Laura said...

keep them coming lady

Bob said...

I've really enjoyed your foray into other modes of expression.

Is that paper textured too? I noticed it first on the drawings of Chante with black paper last week. The pastels take on a crosshatched look.

Keep up the great work!