Saturday, September 5, 2009

Laura's Annual Studio Sale

I christened today a sketchnook which has been in my car for years now... just waiting for me to begin filling the pages. Laura's garden art and art mixed among her palntings and plantings mixed among her art is a spectacular view. Hope all enjoy.


Uta said...

Ooh wow wow wow!

Suz said...

you stole my words, Uta....WOW WOW oh WOW
loved the drawings

butterfly woman said...

Hi Doris,
Your sketches have a whimsical, playful quality to them which I find refreshing, a few of them VanGoghish/Cezanne in composition. How cool to be in a creative environment creating art!
Hope that sketchbook fills up fast!

Elena said...

I like these sketches. At first I didn't recognize them as yours. But they're cool, loose, playful. It seems like you just let go and it's really nice.