Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

The good news, The Trillium and JD sold Sunday after I left the Studio Sale. Leaves me considering the role animals play in my life. Currently grieving the death of my daughter's cat this past Friday. Holly was a small black shy polydactal. Why do I also feel my daughters pain? Mine isn't enough? Two of my cats are still missing after a screen was knocked out a week ago. Are they alive? I would gladly share my tuna with them. Again I hope only the best for them. I haven't heard nor seen the coyotes this summer.
I had to work today. I had to work every day this weekend. Now it's back to double jobs and hoping for a chance to come up for air soon. But the four hour lawn is cut and I fear that soon I'll be shoveling snow again. Will I get a break somewhere in between?


Elena said...

Doris I'm so sorry about the cats. Have you checked all the shelters or placed an add in the paper? I always check the lost add in ours so I can keep an eye out. My heart goes out to your daughter. As much as I love animals I hate when I lose them. But absolutely great news about The Trillium and JD. It is beautiful and full of emotion...

Suz said...

So happy for you! Your art is fabulous
But I know the pain you feel about your kitties. I have had missing ones several times. I don't let them out..but those rascals know how to sneak out. Sometimes they came with a $250 vet bill to stitch him dehydrated from being locked in a neighbors garage (they were on vacation for a week) and some were just playing hookie and came home when they got hungry and bored. I will add them to my prayers. I wish so much I could help you. ANd yes...the daughter's pain...that is the worst. Just love her and let her mourn