Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Such is a day. Found a roll of copper wire on my lunchtime walk today. Wonder how much it might be worth?
Final class of first session of Young Rembrandts this afternoon. Kids all said they were returning next session. Asked them to invite their friends. Now to see the enrollment happen.
Drawing tonight with Chante, more new friends. Wonder what it would be like to be retired and filling time with things you'd like to learn? Seems like a dream come true. Unfortunately I won't be retiring. Likely ever. I'll be 85 in some diner filling coffee for truckers who can't stay awake. At least they'll likely humor me in my old age.
Anyway, I feel advancement in my use of the newest tools. Almost to the point of added realism. Well, almost. Chante is a very lovely youth. We're very fortunate she likes us.


Laura said...

Yes the growth is there I see it for sure. I'm drawn to the bottom one only because she lights up with the way you used the blue aganist the black...Draw to that right off the bat... Really you give great confidence/strength to some of us that are stepping back on to old bikes,(like me and sketching again even for short moments)

Elena said...

Beautiful. Such passion when you're spirit sounds troubled.

Suz said...

Why are you drawn to the human form?
Why do you want to draw it?
I really am interested in your passion of the human form.

Bob said...

Wooo hooo! I'll have a place to go for coffee in MY old age.

Keep up the good work Doris, you've got this new technique down for sure now!

I'll add to Laura's blue against the black comment. It's gives drawing a glow effect. I like it!

april said...

Love the face and hair on the top one, Doris. Very restful. And yes, we'll all be at that diner, but buying your prints that are hanging on the wall, as you are visiting there while they are making a movie about you.

Doris said...

Thanks April for the flattery, but I'm feeling more like Van Gogh than Picasso. And if I'm not serving coffee for tips, I'd love to serve up tea with jam and scones for my friends! I'll make you coffee if you'd prefer Bob.