Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gerry and Chante

I really wasn't looking forward to the double pose tonight, trying to master the new medium and challenged too? But it turned pleasant. As details seem difficult to muster in the medium, I'm staying away from full poses and keying in on smaller section. Gerry and Chante worked well together, Ronnie worked hard at orchestrating a pose that might tell a story. Stories could be told but the viewer is invited to discover the story. New friends tonight I personally didn't chat with, deep into my own zone, challenged, yet not intimidated. Obviously a very good place to be.


Laura said...

there's a greater need being explored and it's wonderful to witness you journey lady.... I'm loving the colors through the black background and how well you are working with them... Your personal cheerleader.

Bob said...

Well done Doris and well done Ronnie on the pose orchestration.

Doris, The black coming through the colours gives it a type of photographic grainy/gritty feel to it. I've been looking back through your blog and you've been making great gains in this new medium.

I also like what Ronnie did with the poses. I've co-modeled before and it's always been tricky to find a pose that tells a story instead of just two people standing/sitting/reclining, or some combination thereof.

You make me want to learn how to draw.

Keep up the learning and the good work!

Doris said...

Thanks my friends!

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