Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Gerry and Oil Pastel

More progress at learning to use the medium. I tend to be very critical and those great artists around me keep encouraging me. Sold a couple pieces to Adrian tonight. Thanks Adrian for your kindness! You're a gem! I was enjoying the black paper again, but am not using the texture to its fullest. So very much to experience. Then I felt I muddied up the bristol paper, when of course Gerry comments about us all being Picasso. How much flattery does a girl need? Ok... anybody want to help with a critique?


Bob said...

I think you're on the right track with the new medium. You've come pretty far in the past month or so.

Sorry if I can't offer a more constructive critique. No hablo art.


Doris said...

Thanks Bob!

Elena said...

Cute response from Bob. I agree though that you appear to be taking control of your new medium. I'm too new to offer constructive tips so I'll just say Bravo!

By the way, I am responding to your comment on my post in my blog. I wasn't sure if you'd check back in so wanted to let you know.

Bob said...

But it's true. I can't claim any expertise in art and I certainly could not create it to save my soul. Fortunately the salvation of my soul does not depend on me being on the paper-side of the drawing board.