Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ode to Rousseau

Another piece from Art Smart classes. We were studying Primitive Art. Again strictly from imagination. I spent some time last week working and reworking this in oil pastel. There is so much added to the surface, I could actually carve into it. But I finally pulled it to this point where I considered it finished.
Spent several hours today matting and framing. Then several more hours running these last two pieces and Oil pastel of Jerry for juried holiday exhibit at La Grange Art League. Thought it quite brave as the pieces seem so amateur to me. But I felt it a necessary leap. Of course not all shoppers are looking for strict professionalism. Or did I mean the perfectionism that I've been skinning from my being.


Suz said...

Wow this is so great. I love love the trees and those colors...very soulful for me....I like it !

you're doing ...I said doing (this is for Elena) a very excellent job of it


april said...

Wonderful again! Very pleasing to the eye. And I love the character you put into your skies.

butterfly woman said...

I love the imagination you are dipping into. This is one of my most favorite pieces. The colors dazzle my eyes. The trees dance. Your love of nature radiates throughout this image. I think you have a forte for primitive art. Glad to see you creating outside of the box!

Uta said...

Ooh more primitive art from Doris pleeeeeease. I love this! Do more, do more, do more :)

Doris said...

Thanks again! I'm working on a cubist piece now.

Laura said...

I'm so happy to see you progress behind the scences there lady.. though hard as it is you are sneaking it in quiet well lately.. Shh.... I wont' tell anyone but keep it up great stuff coming out.