Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oswego Art Gathering/ Fox River Academy

Took time out this afternoon to meet some really important people. Artist Maureen Gasik and Dr. Shiho Saito gave time this afternoon to share art with the community at Hudson Crossing Park in Oswego. Art supplies provided, many unsuspecting park visitors had gotten enmeshed into an art activity. I took the opportunity to get some free sketching time in and follow up on river walk a year past in photo op and sketches of riverwalk sculpture. The Blue Heron, so close to my heart.
Left my ink pen in portfolio, but still used the opportunity to draw. Wonderful conversations with artist and director and hope to be working in near future with them both.


Laura said...

Doors are opening for you... now don't let them shut!!!

good all the way around


april said...

Oh wow, love that egret. And you got some good time in. xx