Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I am so fortunate that Ronnie planned an extended life session for New Years Day!
Five hour session, may need to be an annual event. Two models, four lengthy poses. Several people said they didn't think they could work that long... but they did. Must have learned something new about themselves. It was really good to reminisce with many artists who I haven't crossed paths with for some time. And meeting some new artists, quite inspirational. Although with that many artists, the music was stretched some as differing tastes were opposing. I love most music. I can fall in deep with classical, meditate the zone with new age or native, get amped on rock, fall into a groove with popular, enchanted by piano, violin, or flute, but sometimes a CD is so repetitive, seems artist quite shallow... no wonder I hadn't heard of the artist before. As Ronnie panned through my selection, she thought to choose Andre Rieu. I said oh no, no. I can get trip on visions of candy canes on ice skates, or sugarplums or whatnot, but those who don't like classical are not going to get waltz.
Enough of the whatnot, a short pose of Chanti.

Such a lovely girl, her hair was such fun today. So hard not to get all tripped up on her ultra long and thin proportions. Hope my scanner does her justice.

I hadn't seen Gerry in a while, it was nice to visit a bit. I lost his proportion at first, but carried it out anyway. Most viewers don't know him anyway. Most viewers wouldn't notice the ear was too high either. So used to seeing imaginary aliens and avatars. I did a couple oil pastel pieces, but much bigger than the scanner plate. Now off to choosing, and matting a few pieces for the bin work at Naperville Art League and La Grange Art League. Volunteer tomorrow at La Grange 11 to 2pm. Scheduled well for changing day.


Suz said...

You sound so happy
and that makes me happpy!
She looks very long and thin and beautiful

Elena said...

Could it be that I haven't been on your blog lately? I stopped by and find all these beautiful pastels. They seem happy and airy; like the positive changes you're experiencing. And David's portrait of you captures a strength in your eyes in such a delicate face.

april said...

Both great, but I love your drawing of Chanti. Looks so natural and just perfect.