Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gerry and Chante

When I look here, I see such stretch of limbs that wasn't so apparent when models were shifting. The dual pose was sat in four 25 minute segments. The pose changed each time, but I was more concerned with compositions and dealing with color changes, defining some shadow, adding depth to the form than I was with the reality of the models structure. I think I'm really pushing the oil pastel and finding it so much like play. Following these,the pencil sketch of Gerry with Spock ears had been an attempt to move quickly through layers of color. Just more fun. Not many opportunities to exhibit life work anyway. Gotta learn and play rather than focus on finished drawing. These were drawn on New Year's Day with our 5 hour session. Finally was able to photo this evening. Days are much longer than the sun and finally setting down at 9:45PM. Maybe tomorrow I'll get in another hour drawing. Had teachers meeting last night instead of drawing, I was not pleased. Another week will fly by and weather permitting I'll get some life time in next Tuesday.


Laura said...

As I click on each image you post here I'm really amazed at the rich layers you are acheiving... Yes you are enjoying yourself can for sure see that.

Uta said...