Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dangerous Thoughts

Between the Lines, painting by Antonia Eiriz, 1993. She was criticised as being critical of the Cuban government. So much for freedom of speech. As for government? lost my government position with a slaying of eight county employees for budgetary cuts. The board member who had been on the formed animal oversight committee I had requested, took all the credit for all I had done to achieve a department that created funding by using strong moral ethics to determine right from wrong. Then I was replaced by a relative. She's up for re-election again. The people knowing the truths don't reside in her district. The false smile, or does it cause a smile while she stabs people in the back? Broken promises. Intended lies. Hypocrites.


Elena said...

That's my greatest weakness. Letting go of the hatred towards people like that. But I'm glad you've kept on with the journal. You seem to be spilling emotions onto the pages. Good.

Laura said...

ditto, Elena... I'm really seeing some strong stuff coming from you tribal warrior sister here.
Great growth is happening to her and does she know it yet??? I think so and I also think she cutting a path for herself too.


Bob said...

I'll echo Elena, very glad you're journaling... a whole different side of Doris exposed.

Government.. just another place where it's more who you know, then what you know.


Robin said...

Really loving your journal!!!

april said...

You've really been working on it now, Doris! Great pages!