Monday, January 18, 2010

LaGrange Art League Presentation with Randy Halverson

Took time out to see this presentation. Really a talented young man from the DeKalb area. Would enjoy seeing the large murals that he shared in person. Not too far from me. Karen of the Lagrange Art League was interested in setting up a field trip to see the Oriental Theatre and the Sky Deck restaurant murals of his fame. If I had the time and money I would meet the group there and experience the day. It'd be silly for me to drive an hour east to travel an hour northewest, which is only a half hour north of me. Hmmm. I combined the outing with a purchase of computer desk the league was looking to sell. Many thanks to James and Karen for helping me disasemble and load the desk in my van. I need to put it together now. Shutting down my computer here to assemble it in location. Haven't drawn in a week. Having severe withdrawals, one more night until life drawing. So much on the agenda this week. Skipped Woman's Business Network meeting tonight. Won't be able to take a second trip into Naperville to see Laura's demo at Naperville Art League on Thursday. But I'll be there in spirit!

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Laura said...

though you can make all the things you would like you are still moving forward at great speed lady... one of this weeks where you step back a few to leap forward that's all. So happy for you!!!