Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another danger sketch

I was not pleased with this sketch, and avoided finishing it. I suppose because it is all to real to the starving artist with collectors without compassion. They have taken the position that people in arrears are deadbeats. They won't look past the ends of their noses, the recognition of their cold hearts might appear. If they could, they would be working in the alternate field of helping people get out of their debts. As the world turns, someday they'll have to face their lifetime of inflicting pain upon their fellow human beings, and choose heaven or hell. That spit out, all I have done for three days is work and shovel snow. Grateful for the good neighbor who cleared the two foot drifts that filled in the length of my drive yesterday. I'm avoiding going out and cleaning up now. Body is exhausted and the mind still working. Too much on the work list and no time for play.


Uta said...

Shovelling snow sounds like hard work. And I suppose you get up in the morning to more snow and more shovelling. Nah, give me hot summers over cold winters any time. Watering the garden against the day's heat is much easier than shovelling snow! I will now stop complaining about the summer heat we have at the moment :)

Elena said...

Powerful drawing and quote. I know it's easy for me to say Doris but please don't become disillusioned. You are so strong and I know it must get tiring but I know you'll pull ahead. Ok, you can kick me now but I don't want to 'see' you sad.