Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yesterday wth Ashley

I think I promised to link Ashley's etsy site last time she posed. I'll try and look for it again. She does wonderful accessory pieces of varying materials. knitting, sewing, manufacturing. She was supposed to model New Year's Day for us, but New Year's Eve her new storefront location burned. Last time she modeled her car broke down, at least she made it to us, and had a ride take her home. My work showed little progress, but still moving forward with control of the oil pastels. If I had more time, I would finish these drawings or paintings depending on what you deem them. But I'm very backed up at the moment and there's so poor a response for showing the figure.


Laura said...

The Act of showing up is all that is called upon and some days are better then others, but the need to be amougst you tribe is just as important as your time you draw and use your pastels... enjoy the process... easier said then done I know but you supports that know you know you are making great strides to continue you passion.

Elena said...

Never understood the prudeness of some people over the nude figure. We're all naked. You do such beautiful work with the models. Keep going with what you love and screw everyone's opinions. (sorry)

butterfly woman said...

Loving the colors. Seems your figures are glowing more and more. Kind of a cubist style emerging here, but very cool!!!
I just found some of my old figure drawings and I mean old may have to share them!
Your models each so unique!