Monday, January 25, 2010

Process, organize, flow

I pulled this chart from the boss's bulletin board. Although my personal de-cluttering projects have no person to delegate to, I can put on a different hat. Ha! I thought it to be good reference while the job gets overwhelming, and seem to know a lot of artist friends who might make good use of it too. On the current Artist Way journey where getting rid of things opens room to new and better. Which chapter was that?
Fighting the scanner again. Several days it took to copy the page. Projects, projects, no time for art. Cooked up some healthy food tonight to celebrate Randell turning 22 on Wednesday. Some beet/carrot salad, cornbread muffins, oatmeal cake, hummus and veggies, brown rice, and tomorrow I'll make him Shrimp Scampi. Should I serve wine or soymilk?


april said...


and what a cute chart! I printed it for my bulletin board. Maybe it'll inspire me.

butterfly woman said...

Wine! Live it up. You've got such a healthy dinner already, go wild! Hm, may need that oatmeal cake recipe! And the chart, immediately I thought of Leonardi di Vinci with his words and invention drawings. Till I looked closer. Oh yeah, organize! Maybe some wine would put me in the mood for that!

Elena said...

Until you become obsessive about organizing like I have! Like the chart.


Laura said...

So liking the new direction of the food, and your hummor to share with us on the Process of organziing.