Monday, January 12, 2009

Before the blizzard

It was a beautiful snow. Watching as blizzard passes bringing sub zero temps back to Illinois. How long will it stick? Today rather than my lunchtime walk, I climbed stairs. It was quite a change of pace and fifteen minutes was certainly enough. I remember when I could run and and down flights of stairs laughing. Wasn't that just yesterday. So many things have been on my mind. All the unresolved resolves, pending losses and previous loss, shortage of time in my days and weeks, throwing my thinking out on a tangent. What I really want and what I really need are not meshing kindly. I went to teacher's meeting this evening...I was given two more classes as I had asked...tightening up my schedule even more. Driving home in the blizzard, grateful to be out of traffic and in the country where it was not so certain as to whether or not I was driving on the road proper. My light is on...hopefully no one gets stuck and needs assistance, but I am here.

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april said...

Wow, so it was bad driving home last night. But blizzard cancelled for today. Glad you are home safe and sound. Yes, new year's day always brings promise of all new things and feelings to come, and then there's the old still hanging around. Love the "weeds" with the snow. I have taken the sedum when the snow collects on their tops and makes them look like mushrooms. Did a drawing once and now incorporating a copy of it into one of my winter journal pages.